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these burgers [Nov. 22nd, 2006|12:34 pm]
yesterday i found a dressform at the salvation army for 10 dollars!!! sweets. its a little rusty and filmsy, but ten dollars!!?!?! what a deal!!!!! oh boy!

mark and i also walked around northampton and went to all the overpriced vintage stores. and then we made mini burgers!!!!

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cool! we hung out with some of his friends and played cranium and apples2apples which is the bomb game yo. and ate mini burgers duhh. and mini french fries. next time i am going to make them even smaller. the hardest part is the bun, becuase i used philsbury dough and it was hard to make it not lumpy looking.

the end
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(no subject) [Oct. 5th, 2006|01:34 pm]
[mood |jubilantjubilant]
[music |meewwwwww]

this weekend i'm going to visit maureen and lizzy in philly. i'm super PUMMMPEED! it seems like its going to be a risd reunion type thing too.... which made me super glad i dropped 15 pants sizes this summer. i'll show them!~!!!!

todays my moms birthday and i couldnt think of anything to buy her/ make her. i mean, what do you buy for the woman that has everythign!?!?! so anyway i made her a sock monkey that looks like albert einstein

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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|07:50 pm]
NOT ONLY does this girl have neon vomit playing on her profile, but she quotes us in her about me section.



usually when i check neon vomit i just approve people friend requests without looking at their profiles, but sometimes when they look cool/ or interesting/ or retarted i look at their profiles and i swear, so many times they already have one of our songs playing on their page, it is the sweetest!!!!
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summmmerrr [Jul. 6th, 2006|09:30 am]
[Current Location |CONNECITUCTT USA!!!!!!]

so this summer has been good. almost too good to make me want to find a job and not live at home. but i know... eventually the novelty of having cable vision and dads P.L.A.S.T.I.C. will wear off and i'll want to move somewhere where i can be free to unleash my beastly personality, and start dressing like a street walker again. but in the meantime we are getting a kitten here so i really do see no reason to leave. ALSO- free food. whoo.

so like...london and ireland. whats up!?!/ word it was good times. maureen and i met some crazy peepz, had some beers- word (say that last sentance in a rhode island accent). holy shit there was just two ants crawling across my keyboard WTF maybe i will move. what my mom cant afford alittle extermination what is this shit, fuck that bitch (Jk MOM I LOVE YOU~!!!!2!!)

anyway, i lost my train of thought. afterthat i have been traveling around alot ( i mean like in comparison to london and ireland havent those fagz ever heard of amtrak!?!). on thursday night i went to boston, and then the next day i went to philly. maureen and i got tattoos. if you read her LJ entry she says that we got heart outlines, but dont believe that shit. we got really drunk and i convinced her to get an outline of a penis on her neck. its really not that bad cuz like her hair covers most of it (try not to burn it off again drunky) but i dont know, its kindof cute and funny. i might get mine covered though, its kindof embarrasing, like the other night when i was talking to my grandma i think she might have noticed it because she backed into the refrigerator and fell against it. also she didnt offer me more ice cream. but maybe that was because she was asleep on the floor or something. god she can be such a jerk sometimes. anyway so i was thinking of getting it covered with a huge black banana entering a bowl of cereal. i think it would still be sexy, but also practical, like for when i go on job interviews. maybe cherios? i dont know, i like cinneman toast crunch a lot but i dont think that really goes with bananas too good. anyway philly was fun, we ate a philly cheesesteak and thats pretty much it. oh yeah, another highlight was when we were in a bar and i looked out the window and saw two guys walking down the street each holding their own pizza and eating it, slice by slice. that was pretty great. just two guys having a good time.

for the fourth of july i went to this huge beach party on cape cod. during the night this drunk old fat guy motioned me towards him, and awkwardly i went. and then he handed me this fireworks and told me to lite them becuase he was too drunk to. but i didnt really want to lite my hand on fire, so i didnt. and then like an hour later, after all the familys and "grown ups" left the guy had a heart attack on the beach. everyone freaked out and was trying to save him and shit and all up onz calling 911 andi was like "did i do this with my mind. maybe. i dont know kelly you are pretty great."

so i guess thats my summer so far. i feel perhaps i should have elaborated on the london/ireland part but let me just leave it at this. in ireland there were a lot of sheep and shit. it was cool. also a lot of stuff was named "kelly". which is my name. it was exciting. even though it was something that seems stupid, and unexciting.. it got me everytime. london was fun fun fun. i thought i'd get sick of maureen, since she's in a wheelchair and everything and it kindof gets annoying having to wheel her around, but we had a great time and it just re-enforced how much i love her (not in a sexy way...yet). it was the best. "the bomb yo." maureen is a dude for sure. BFF yo. for real. also we got really good at doing annoying fake british accents, and i think we have some weird relationship where we can do things for ever, which other people would probably get annoyed by or sick of us, but we can do them for ever and always think they are funny. also most of the time i had maureen sedated so maybe that was it. she only yelled at me once. when i brought her to this tex mex place. god that girl doesnt know class when she sees it. also in ireland i only punched my mom once. but it was when she was driving and looking for a pack of gum, but apparently looking for it with her whole body, and driving into the side of the road. i almost died so many times in ireland from my mom driving, it was scary. stick shift+ left side of the road. + plus she was drinking so much guiness i had to prop up her head while we where driving. we went up onz the curb over 10 times, i was counting. also took off someones rear view mirror. and a dogs head.

so thats my summer so far!!!!!!!
thanks for reading kelly's abudhabibarbrieeeae LJ!@@!!L!!!!!!!
please comment. also refer to the illustrated 'blog entry' of this on my myspace page.
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london [Jun. 9th, 2006|01:36 pm]
so maureen and i have been having a totally sweet time in london!!
yesterday we went to the natural history museum and the V & A which had this awesome 60's fashion exhibit. and then we where really tired so we went home and rested for awhile. we have new roommates now, who are two boys our age from california. one of them coicidentally goes to chico state, which is the town maureen is from!! anyway, they are nice bro dudes. last night maureen and i went out to the hipster artsy part of town, to bars that we're like the red fez 4.0. we were walking around looking for some place to dance and these italian guys where like 'we are looking for the discoteck' so we were like okay i guess you can come try and find a place with us, but they were really annoying and trying to hold our hands and stuff, so we eventually had to think of a clever plan to escape them. which involved the london version of eric proulx (?? so says maureen) we have been finding london twins for everyone. it sucks though, all the undergrounds close at like 12:30 so we had to find a bus home and it took like 2 hours to get home. we met some interesting people throughout the night though. like our friend arthur, who is an actor... and was walking around with a bottle of champange telling us stories about julia styles. we gave him our email address incase he can get us into any 'events'. and this trashy greek guy who was really annoying and asking us the difference between LA and miami. anyway... good times!! this trip is awesssome.
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cupcake photo$hoot [May. 16th, 2006|09:13 pm]
yo these girls are hot!!!

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my cr!t [May. 9th, 2006|03:54 pm]
maureen taught me how to do an LJ cutCollapse )
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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2006|02:20 pm]
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(no subject) [Apr. 23rd, 2006|11:31 pm]
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2006|01:38 pm]
[Current Location |abu dhabi]

tonight i am flying back to boston... and i have to buy another suitcase due to the amount of stuff that i've bought. which is mostly toys. but who could i pass up an adorable stuffed bunny whose eyes glow and when you press its tummy it plays aqua songs. i certainily couldnt, so i bought four.

mostly i've been walking around exploring the city, enjoying being warm for a change. i went to the beach and got sunburned and swam, which was nice. everynight my dad and i have been going out to dinner, and hanging out with his friends and going out to bars. goodtimes island! we went to dubai overnight and i went to the 2 biggest malls in the world, one of which has an indoor skiing slope which was REALLY creepy.

i read most of the reading for my globablization class for the rest of the semester which is good. my dad also read all the books and wrote notes for me, becuase obviously he doesnt have a life. i broke my lightbox the first day i was here but plugging it into a socket with the wrong voltage, but then i redeemed my intelligence and goodname but fashioning a new one out of a lamp and a glass table so i was able to get drawings done too.

hopefully it will be warmer when i get back tommorrow.... the cold weather was really depressing. i miss mark and maureen and brigidy-poo and all my friends so i cant wait to come back (bearing gifts of toys and buttsweets!!)

on a sadder note, i recieved some bad news while alway that damped the festive spirit of my trip. my mom brought my cat from home, malibu up to our house in vermont when they returned from vacationing in south africa, becuase malibu wouldnt leave my mom's side after they got back because he missed them so much. so she let him come to vermont with her and my brother, and malibu got lost in our barn for awhile and then probably very confused and disoriented and he ran away. after staying for 3 days and looking for him and putting up signs they had to go back to connecticut.

i'm sad that i'll never see malibu again or stroke his sweet long beastly fur, and i'm also sad because i know how much malibu meant to my mom, they were hellza tight and my mom feels guilty that she couldnt find him. but i can only hope some wealthy family found him, because malibu is a cat of high taste and class, and i know he wouldnt settle for anything less than a life rich with the finer things in life.
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